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SOA and Web Services
Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)is a set of principles and methodologies for designing and developing software in the form of interoperable services. These services are well-defined business functionalities that are built as software components that can be reused for different purposes.

Solutions based on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) seem to be on everyone's mind these days and the hype around this most happening technology seems to have peaked. As with any other phenomenon, the usefulness of SOA must be put into perspective. We at InfoStrike are here to help you, if you have any of the following concerns about SOA:

  1. Why should my company consider SOA?

  2. What would be a good initial proof-of-concept project for my company?

  3. Should I really be worried about the fear, uncertainty and doubt about SOA?

  4. What is the SOA Strategy that will suit my organization needs?

  5. What companies are really making SOA work for them?

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